Meet Chad

1818018Chad Moody was born, reared and attended law school in Oklahoma City where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and was a member of Law Review.   He began his own practice straight out of law school initially focusing his efforts on civil rights cases because it seemed to be the arena where he thought himself most likely to practice Constitutional Law.  He quickly realized that citizens are much more able to vindicate their civil rights in theory than in court.  Consequently, he chose criminal defense because it provides the opportunity to practice more Constitutional Law than any other arena.  

Soon after hanging his shingle, Mr. Moody began to realize that not all lawyers are honest.  On the contrary, he learned that a very significant portion of the criminal defense bar is more criminal than the people they represent.  He would frequently hear of other lawyers making promises regarding the outcomes of prospective clients’ cases when they had yet to read a police report or watch a video of the arrest.  He came to perceive that people who are in criminal trouble need a way to know that they are hiring a lawyer that is both competent and honest.  

The Drug War has grown viciously out of control.  Mr. Moody has represented hundreds of young people whose bright futures were put on hold or entirely aborted because they were caught doing the same things that he and many of his generation had been caught doing.  Had Mr. Moody been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law the two times that police officers caught him with marijuana in his youth, he would have been a convicted felon condemned to a life of low-paying jobs.  

Mr. Moody realized that The Drug War is a fraud.  He concluded that, inasmuch as the advocates of marijuana were so obviously telling the truth about marijuana and that the government was so obviously lying, the marijuana leaf provided the perfect symbol of truth and authenticity in a sea of corruption.  Accordingly, he trademarked the marijuana leaf intending for it to serve as an emblem of authenticity – a brand that guarantees that lawyers sharing that brand will not take advantage of their clients.  Thus, The Drug Lawyer franchise was born.